Central Oregon Local Honey

Welcome to Liddell's Honey & Supply

Our goal is to provide an outstanding taste and consistant supply of Local Central Oregon Honey. Liddell's Honey is made and packaged right here in Central Oregon. Our hard working honey bees are well adapted to the extreme temperature variations in this beautiful part of the state of Oregon.

We're passionate about our bees and our honey. If you have interest in learning how to keep your own bees and gather your own honey we have the supplies and experience to help you get started.
"So work with the honey bee, creatures that by a rule of nature, teach the art of order to mankind."
-William Shakespeare

Packaged Bees

The fastest way to get your hive up and running in the spring is to order a package of live bees.

Start Your Own Hive

If you have a desire to start your own backyard hive it can be very enjoyable and fascinating project.

Liddell’s Local Honey

Liddell’s Honey is made right here in Central Oregon by our very own hardworking honey bees.

Honey Bee Swarms

Have you spotted a honey bee swarm? We can remove it or help you collect it for yourself.